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A possible new contender?

I have recently been put in contact by a local resident to a company called Gigaloch / Optilec.

I received an email this morning from Paul Walker from Optilec who knows our area well.

Paul has informed me that his company and team have already got the designs and funding to install full fibre to the properties in Manley, Mouldsworth and Ashton Hayes.

What they really need to know is if there is a demand for full fibre in our area. They are aware that Openreach Community Fibre Partnership is live in our area, however they believe they can build a network cheaper and faster than Openreach can.

I have pointed out there is a demand. *No information you have provided me has been passed onto them*

If there is a large demand they also state thay can start the build before Christmas!

I plan to meet with both Paul and the MD of Optilec to understand who they are & what they can do including what caveats there are to their service.

Paul has pointed out the following to me so far:

1 gigabit per second high speed fibre internet

NO installation fees for fibre to the home

1 year FREE internet

NO cancellation fees

after 12 months, 1 low price of £35.00 per month ( BT infinity is currently £27.45 for 70mbps)

I appreciate we all know Openreach however, I feel we should not write this company off so soon before hearing what they have to say.

As always, I will continue to keep you all updated on all things.

Update 11:00 26/10

It turns out that Paul Walker was a resident of Mouldsworth for a number of years and wishes to bring his company to our area knowing all too well how many of us suffer with poor broadband.

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