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Another step closer

Gigaloch have this morning released some exciting news for the residents of Ashton Hayes, Mouldsworth and Manley with the update on the fibre build.

Gigaloch now have an agreed date for Openreach to survey the location of the fibre cabinet. This cabinet will house all the required equipment for running their service.

Not too dissimilar to what many people already see on roadsides this is designed in some degree to blend in with the surroundings.

The date of the survey is the 13th July and once complete the cabinet can be build and the first fibre customers can go live.

This is an exciting time for all of us who have waiting so long and put up with so much over the last few years.

Gigaloch are yet to confirm which properties will go live first, but will be in contact with those in the near future.

Paul Walker (Telecommunications Network Designer) said in his update

'Once the cab is in, we can start connecting fibre to it. We do need a couple of road crossings installed to get to a couple of areas, but it doesn't stop the team building and installing duct/fibre.'

I have no doubt more updates will follow as the days progress and as always I will ensure you are all kept in the loop.

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