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**UPDATE** Better late than never

Hello all and welcome to another Friday. I hope everyone is doing well?

As I informed you in my previous post. Openreach had planned to arrive between Monday and Wednesday to install the pole on which the fibre line will run to the exchange.

I called in each day after work and I was disappointed to see that they had not attended.

Not surprised I have to say but still disappointed not only for myself but for you too.

Staying in close contact with Gigaloch who attended each morning from 8am it was clear something was going on and it was not here.

Perhaps they were just running late or there was another natural disaster in the UK I was not aware of.

Well I thought I would give it another shot this evening and was extremely surprised to see a pole newly erected.

For the eagle eyed of you, you will see that there is currently no fibre attached to it (we can't expect too much can we?)

This I expect will be completed on Monday but have no confirmation of this yet.

We are a little further down our road and step closer to the entire team from Gigaloch hitting the area to get us all connected.

Should I get any further information I'll be sure to up date you.


I have received word that Openreach are unlikely to complete the fibre run on the post itself early next week. They require 5 days after installation to climb the pole. This is due to settlement and other health and safety rules they have in place.

If we are not including today as day 1 we'd be looking at Wednesday of next week at the earliest. With Easter bank holiday it's not unconceivable to think this will be completed after the Easter holidays.

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