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Community Fibre Partnership Costs Part 2

I have today been contacted via phone by Paul Harland who is the Openreach Rural Engagement Manager.

He wanted to speak to me regarding the Openreach Partnership that many of us put our names forward for last year.

Openreach have run the numbers which cover ducting, fibre and civil costs to connect everyone who is connected to the Manley exchange.

The total costs for the build is £600,000 which calculates to £3,225.80 per property.

Clearly this is more than many people are prepared to pay given where we are now with Gigaloch and the fact that Gigaloch have already begun installing.

As I have said in my previous post regarding Ashton Hayes, with people already pulling out of the Openreach scheme in favour of Gigaloch, the cost of this per property would no doubt increase.

Paul suggested that we rethink the locations of some of the properties in our original list and remove them. This would mean that whilst the build cost might come down for those still on the list, those removed would be left in the dark and out in the cold.

I do not believe this is the fair or moral thing to do. We are in this together and we all deserve better and at a fair price!

I did promise that I would keep everyone up to date on this and I believe we are where we need to be with Gigaloch.

I have now closed my accounts with Openreach as I see no further action is required.

As always, if you would like to reach out to me, please do not hesitate to drop me an email

Best wishes


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