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Disappointed doesn't quite cover it.

Good morning all. By now many of you will have read or heard through others that the build with Gigaloch has now stopped.

I'd like to give you some information to ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of what has happened, why it's happened and what comes next.

Firstly, let me show you below the official communication from Gigaloch which came out to Ashton Hayes residents this week. There is a reason why Ashton Hayes only received these emails and I'll cover that shortly.

Winter 2023 Update on Project Gigabit UK Broadband Rollout - ISPreview UK

This had come out of the blue, we knew there were hold ups with the vouchers but for Cheshire to be put on stop for now at least affects many people and builds.

Project Gigabit Delivery Plan - autumn update 2022 - GOV.UK (

The above link provides some additional information if you scroll down a little you will see Cheshire.

This means that Cheshire as a whole is being put forward for a new procurement process. Realistically, unless this new scheme changes, only the big players like Openreach are going to be able to bid. Smaller Altnets like Gigaloch do not have the capital to fight against them.

Why the government has chosen to change it's mind over smaller chunks being sold off to Altnets is unknown right now.

Gigaloch have had no other option than to suspend the build, the alternative would be to take the cost on themselves for the build without the vouchers, but again, they do not have the money to do this. The vouchers do make a huge difference in rural settings.

Some Ashton residents are going to be connected and I stress some. These are that meet a certain criteria. I can't give the locations or names of these properties on here but do feel free to email me and I will be able to assist.

I have also been contacted by a company called Kloud9 who are currently working in Kelsall. I have made Gigaloch aware of that and they are going to see what they can do do assist in the transition IF that is what people would like to do.

Kloud9 utilise above ground fibre using poles. This might offer a quicker install time than waiting on this issue to be resolved. This will not really be known until an assessment has been made.

The packages offered are different and in some cases more expensive than what Gigaloch were offering. Perhaps a deal can be struck between Gigaloch and Kloud9 when discussions begin.

More information can be found in the link below.

Mouldsworth and Manley are still affected by this complication however the impact is less as these vouchers were already approved. Discussions are ongoing to reinstate these vouchers and continue the build. I can't give a date of this at this time.

I really do understand people's frustration with this as it also affects myself directly. I can only apologies for this as I have driven so hard to get the community on board. For this to happen feels like I have failed you all.

I know this is down to government issues and goal post moving which is extremely frustrating but I will not be ranting on here about such things.

I know better than to get into a political debate online.

Gigaloch have assure me they are doing all they can and are exploring every avenue.

I hope that Gigaloch and Kloud9 can begin dialogue and come up with a plan to move forward.

I will keep you updated on things as they develop. If you have any questions please drop me an email and I will do all I can to get you the answers.

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