• Anthony Jones

FTTP and it's cost

Prior to me setting up the community fibre partnership with the wider audience of Manley, Mouldworth and Ashton Hayes. I looked into the cost of having fibre to the property on a smaller scale. This was quick and easy to set up as it only covered 5 properties close to me. Openreach contacted me today… during the call I was asked if I was sitting down... You just know something big was coming!

The lady informed me of the cost to service 5 properties near to me and my own of course and I share this with you below. Now, before I got all excited, the nice lady did inform me of what the cost might look like if we added additional properties. 59 more to be more precise. These proposed properties are all located on Smithy lane, Nortons lane and Well Lane. This would bring the cost down from £37,244.00 per property to £3,500!

Now, this does not include the voucher scheme either which is £1,500 per home or £3,500 per business.

Imagine just for a moment, if we had a huge interest in FTTP. In Mouldsworth alone we COULD get the cost down to next to nothing due to the number of people interested.

All the vouchers are bundled together (everyone is entitled to the voucher by the way) and make one big voucher. This build and scheme is not unachievable, it can be done with the community engagement.

1 GIGABIT per second downloads would be just astronomical for our communities and put us ahead of much of the UK in terms of digital connectivity. I hope you will all join me in sharing this and let’s make our communities future proofed, if not for us, then for our younger generations.

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