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Gigaloch Cabinet Build

Hello everyone. I wrote in my previous article that Gigaloch were in the process of putting together the build of the cabinet in the area. This is the main point where all our connections come to and then off to the big world wide web.

I wanted to share with you the build pictures showing each phase.

The Gigaloch team arrived at the site 7am Monday 13th and completed the cabinet on Thursday 16th.

Now we await Openreach/Sky to attend to run their fibre line from the exchange near by to the cabinet. Once this is done, the cabinet is switched on and voila - High speed, Superfast broadband.

The next phase is to blow the fibre to those who have not already had this done and also to connect those that have. Gigaloch will also complete laying more ducting and blowing that length of fibre.

This part of the build was/is extremely important as I have said before, without Manley Parish Councils approval (Which I am eternally grateful for to Ian Walton and the Councillor's) this would not be possible.

I can only pray that Openreach/Sky get a wriggle on and get this cab online in the coming days and we can finally (within 12 months I might add) enjoy the fruits of superfast internet.

I think that's enough waffling on from me, here are the pictures...

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