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Gigaloch December Update Part 2

Hello everyone!

I'd like to give you a second December update on the Gigaloch build which I hope you find of interest.

Today (9th December 20) marks an exciting new step in the build. Today is the day that the first run of fibre is being blown! This truly is a phenomenal step towards our entire community becoming part of the UK's current 14% of areas with access to full fibre broadband.

Some other interesting updates for you also...

Gigaloch have ordered one mini and one medium plough which is due to arrive before Christmas, this will speed up build time and allow them to do more 'in house'. This will mean they can access land faster and with less impact.

Due to the massive investment into plant, showing their dedication to the build, Gigaloch have also employed 2 more teams of men to manage and run the equipment.

An additional 3 teams are being employed and trained up in lieu of 3 more mini ploughs which have been bought due to arrive in February 2021.

Whilst there is no exact go live for everyone, there will be a number of people along the spine which will be live by the end of January begining of February with more coming online as the weeks and months progress.

Myself, Paul and the team continue to meet weekly. Keep an eye out for further exciting updates to come before Christmas and beyond.

I wish to thank you all for your support over the last 7 years, finally we are seeing solid results.

I also want to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy COVID-19 free, Full Fibre New Year!

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