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Gigaloch home installations continue

Many of my current readers have been fortunate enough to have had their home installs completed. This is yet another step closer on our journey full fibre broadband.

I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Kane this week from Gigaloch to arrange a date and time for my home install. As I work until 4pm, daytime hours are really not good for me.

Not a problem, Friday 25 was confirmed after 4pm.

Sure enough, 3:55 a lovely man appeared with all the kit he needed to carry out the work.

I discussed the area in which I wanted the fibre point to be installed (mine is in my mancave which made things a little easier on him) and off he went to get started.

As many of us have the orange tubing in place, this ended up being the best place to go in. That said, I was told if the tube was not long enough, the lovely man (who's name escapes me - Sorry!) would extend this to meet my requirements as getting the job done to my satisfaction was his priority.

Literally 20 minutes later I was told it was all done and what a cracking job he has done too!

I'm now waiting on the fibre to be blown and connected and we are good to go.

I hope this offers some information to those still waiting for their installs and also shows the lovely workmanship and care taken to make sure that you are happy with the end results.

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