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Gigaloch return to Cheshire to continue our ultrafast journey

My previous article covered some of the work Gigaloch were undertaking around Loch Tay in Scotland.

Here is what Paul from Gigaloch had to say about what they have achieved.

Based in the Loch Tay region of the Scottish Highlands, Gigaloch have been connecting homes to our network. Glen Lyon is a very isolated area, with no cellular signal and little to no traditional internet. Most if not all of the resident's internet is supplied by expensive and not very reliable microwave or satellite link.
Over the course of the weekend, we began the installations for 27 different properties around the Glen and near loch tay. This is a rugged environment but our mini mole plough worked flawlessly, installing our duct in difficult terrain and ensuring that these isolated communities will have access to our hyper fast network. Our engineers will be returning before Christmas to install the home connection kits and blow the fibre to the premises.
The current build was tested and we were able to confirm very little drop off, meaning that all the connections are good and that our first home on this network has gone live.
Come rain, sleet, hail or sunshine nothing will stop us ensuring that we will connect everyone who wants our network

Gigaloch are now back in the area and are currently speaking to members of our community that have already expressed an interest in their service so keep an eye on your emails! The plan from this weekend onwards is to install as much ducting on properties as they can. Gigaloch have ordered 7km of ducting to cover our areas. This is a substantial amount of both ducting and cost investment into the network and goes to show Gigaloch's commitment to us all.

Gigaloch currently have approx 1200 acres of wayleaves signed off and this continues to grow on a daily basis.

Many people have been in touch and judging from their emails the excitement is building. Thank you to everyone for your support and for putting up with me for over 7 years trying to get something better for our communities. Without all of you, this would just not be possible.

Regarding questions on an accurate completion date, Gigaloch can't give a definitive answer on that. Much depends on how quickly local people are willing to give them permission to cross their land, sign ups/permission to install the fibre on their properties. Gigaloch want the whole network operational by June 2021. However, certain areas will begin to go live before others as Gigaloch expand out from their starting point. The first properties are likely to be live in the first quarter of 2021.

The focus now is to get as much ducting in place ready for the fibre to be blown through. Once the fibre is blown, the connection is made and away we go.

I will continue to update everyone on the stages of the build and with any exciting news that comes our way.

As always, if you have any questions please do get in touch.

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