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Gigaloch Video Call

This evening (3rd November) myself, Paul Walker and Chris Key (Build Manager) met over Microsoft Teams. This was the first of many weekly meetings to dicuss build plans, registrations, wayleaves, progress etc.

It was nice to meet Chris for the first time, all be it virtually and he shares the same enthusiasum as Chris and myself.

The reason for this small blog update is to make my readers aware that Gigaloch have commited to start their build in the next TWO WEEKS!.

The reason for this being the week after next is due to the Mole Plough (HERE) is being taken to Scotland to carry out work in rural communities, it will then be brought back here to begin our fibre journey.

You will see over the coming days and weeks the Gigaloch vehicles about our villages. If you are out and about Paul has asked that engage with the guys and ask any questions you have.

This is an exciting annoucement by Paul, Chris and Gigaloch and just shows their commitment to bringing 'Ultrafast' broadband to our community.

Demand is growing for this service at a steady pace. If you are interested in full fibre to your property please drop me an email and let me know.

Installation is free as this is covered by the government rural voucher scheme.

The package is 1Gbps unlimited and is £35 per month fixed price for 5 years.

Oh and did I mention the first year is FREE?? No, well it is!

The build will not be slowed down by Thursday's lockdown as Internet is classed as essential.

I wish you and your families all the best and stay safe!

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