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I despair, I really do!

As so many of my readers will know Friday 11th March 2022 was the day that Openreach had stated they would be at Manley Village Hall to install the required pole and fibre to the exchange.

Well, you guessed it... They didn't turn up!!

Gigaloch were at Manley from 8am awaiting their arrival. I turned up after work at 4:30pm as promised to take some snap shots of the work only to find the place deserted and no work done.

I contacted Paul at Gigaloch to find out just what the hell was going on only to be told they never showed and as of last night had not given an explanation as to why.

Openreach have a SLA in place with Gigaloch up to Tuesday 15th March. If the work is not completed by this time, Openreach are are in breach of this contract.

We now await to see if they will arrive either Monday or Tuesday. One can only hope they will as Gigaloch are ready to pull the team from Scotland to ramp things up here when this particular work is done.

I can only apologise to you all on behalf of the Gigaloch team and from myself for this shambles we are having to put up with from Openreach. The fact they seem unaccountable for their actions really does boil my blood.

I have heard nothing further from Edward Timpson but he will be made aware of this to ensure he is kept in the loop.

As always, I will keep you all updated as the days go on.

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