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It has begun...

As some of my eagle eyed readers would have noticed, Gigaloch were in the area today.

The reason for this was to begin the build of full fibre now instead of in two weeks time.

The build to the area will go via my property and this is where they have begun. Paul, Chris and Adam aka Mr. Plough came along with the new mole plough machine.

After some careful and skilled driving Adam managed to get the plough into position.

The unit is remote controlled as you can see from the picture. This image also gives you the scale of the machine. Rubber mats are placed in ahead of the direction of travel to ensure the garden is not ripped to bits. (the carpet was my idea and didn't work as well as I had hoped)

The plough was driven to the area already agree in advance by myself and Paul, the ducting is run from a reel along the top of the machine and then down into the ground via the blade. The depth in gardens is about 8 inches, for fields where active ploughing is undertaken, this can be increased to 2 metres.

If you have a small garden or no access to the rear of the property, then a simple shovel is all it takes to lay the ducting.

The machines carries out it's task quickly and effectively, it is not the quietest machine, something around the same noise as a garden rotavator.

Above is the start of laying the ducting. I have filmed this is slow motion for you to see how it's done.

Below is the plough in action at normal speed. As you can see it moved quite quickly.

As you can see from the video, the plough cuts a long trench in the ground. How it looks at the time might be a concern for some of you. Even I thought 'it can't be left like that'

Well, once the run of ducting is complete, the plough then runs over the trench. Below is the finished result.

My worries were put to rest straight away. I hope the same concerns you may have are also lessened by reading this article.

The plough is now going to rural Scotland where it will carry out it's work connecting communities to full fibre. It will then come back to Cheshire to continue bringing Ultrafast to our villages.

This is very exciting times for us all, for many years I have been saying 'it's coming' but now I am proud to say 'it's begun'

Fibre will soon be blown down this ducting (date to be established) to my property and connected to the spine.

Once this is all connected my property will receive internet speeds of 1Gbps download and 200Mbps upload.

If that's not an incentive to register, I don't know what is.

If you have any questions or want to register your interest, please drop me an email

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