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It's been a while...

Hello all, I'm sorry it has been some time since I last posted anything.

Since my last post I was made redundant, found a new job and this one seems to be taking so much of my time.

I did think some of you might be thinking 'well he's got connected and forgotten about the rest of us' well that's not the case. I'm not connected yet and I have certainly not forgotten about you.

Just to make sure everyone is aware what is currently going on. Gigaloch are awaiting the vouchers to be released by the UK Government, there have been so many leaders in the last few months that priorities change.

Gigaloch are having to push extremely hard for these vouchers even though they were signed off some time ago. This has meant that the build is being delayed far more than was ever expected.

This frustrates me and no doubt yourselves greatly. Whatever your views on the current Government I think we can all agree they need to get their act together on these vouchers.

I do hope things move along for us all in the near future.

I hope I can find some additional time going forward to keep you all updated.

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