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January Gigaloch Update

Over the Christmas period, Gigaloch began the installation of the network itself. They installed over 5km through the local farmland creating a direct link from Ashton and Mouldsworth to Kelsall.

In the 3 weeks since Christmas they have installed duct to 32 properties. This rate will continue to rise once they can get back out when the ground begins to firm up.

They have a team standing by to begin the physical home installations of our master sockets once lockdown has ended and they are able to enter peoples houses once more. The installation time should take no longer than an hour or two, and is minimally intrusive.

Since I first met up with Gigaloch, back at the end of October to discuss the possibility of building a network in the area, they have installed over 10km of network spine in total, 32 home installations of duct ( as we move forward we are targeting 20 installs per week ) Our wayleaves grant access to over 2500 acres of viable farmland and they have installed 2 main cabinets that provide our gigabit capability for the entire network and they are on track for the fibre installations to begin in early to mid February.

Inevitably, lockdown and the flooding has caused a certain level of unavoidable delay. Logistically these have caused some issues with being unable to build due to water saturation. To counteract this, they have employed another team of ground workers, AND invested in another mini mole plough so that they can be in a better position to reach their targets.

Below is a map of the current build area. The red rings show the scale in which our present installations cover and where the spine is running. We have home installations begun or completed in all of these areas.


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