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Openreach Community Fibre Partnership publish costs for local build

Hello everyone. I hope you had a nice, if not different Christmas? I do hope that Santa was kind enough to stop by.

As you know, before we moved forward with the Gigaloch build we looked into the possibility of Openreach providing the fibre network. I have today received the costings for this.

One thing they have done is to break their design and costs into two, this meant treating everyone in Ashton Hayes separately to Mouldsworth and Manley.

Below is the proposal from Openreach to supply EVERY property in Ashton Hayes with FTTP regardless if they were interested or not.

I await their proposal for Mouldsworth and Manley.

Something to note here is that most people have made the switch to Gigaloch's service meaning the cost per property would be increased from what you see below. The cost per property also has the Gigabit Voucher taken into account meaning each property would be responsible for paying the cost per premises.

A little too rich for my blood I think given what we are being offered elsewhere... don't you?

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