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Slow progress

Hello everyone. A much delayed update to the world of fibre and Gigaloch.

Last week (28th July 23) I received a phone call from Gigaloch to confirm that I wished to continue to take on the service when it went live.

I agreed this was the case. I was then informed that I would be connected along with another 35 properties in the next 3 weeks and that I should also await an email with further information and available install dates.

This email is yet to surface but I can only presume it will happen in the next week or so.

I'm yet to receive any contract details and will hope these are provided and signed before any connection is made.

There is some good news for the additional 35 properties and perhaps many of you are included and have also had the call?

In other news, I'm looking into what can be done for the residents of Ashton Hayes and am updating the Parish Council with any updates. I have to confess, the alternative options are challenging and in some ways costly (equipment needed for the connection) but I am yet to claim defeat.

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