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Why choose F4AMM?


If you’re the kind of person who enjoys watching the latest films online or catching up on episodes of your favourite TV shows, fibre-optic broadband is definitely for you.

You can download a song in a second, or an HD movie in a few minutes, and you can watch videos online without the arduous wait for buffering. This can be really important in the future when you consider where technology is going.

4K Ultra HD content is on the way. Netflix already offers a 4K option and a large number of big studio movies have been shot in 4 and 8K. Streaming this high-resolution content on a standard ADSL connection is not always realistic, so fibre broadband is essential if you are the sort of person who loves watching films, TV and live sport in glorious ultra-high definition.

Netflix actually recommends a minimum connection speed of 25 megabits per second to even attempt to stream 4K ultra HD. If you live in an urban area, it could be possible to achieve this speed. For many homes who want streamed 4K content, fibre optic is by far the best option.


The beauty of a superfast connection is that many devices can be attached to your Wi-Fi and everyone will still receive a decent broadband performance.

Fibre-optic broadband is ideal for busy households or for those who love to watch programmes religiously on Netflix. Whether you’re on a tablet, smartphone or laptop, you can enjoy smooth web browsing no matter how many people are using just one connection.


So far, fibre-optic broadband has achieved speeds almost four times faster than standard ADSL broadband, with many people across the UK now benefitting from the new digital technology.

Because of how fast this type of connection performs, you’re sure to have a reliable service each day and night, that doesn’t struggle under the strain of demanding online tasks.

This is especially useful if you run your business from home, as it gives you the peace of mind that you can remain connected to your clients and deliver great customer service around the clock.


There are times when you need to work from home, but still keep in touch with everything that’s happening back at the office.

Superfast broadband offers excellent download speeds so you’re able to join in with conference calls and receive large files, helping you keep up to date with your work schedule.

Furthermore, if you’re working through peak times your fibre-optic broadband won’t be affected.

Superfast broadband lets you work whenever it’s convenient for you.


Digital music is a part of most people’s lives nowadays. The internet has made music more obtainable to everyone than at any point in human history.

With fibre broadband, you can download an entire album in a minute, which can be bad news for your bank account when your iTunes bill comes in! The time between clicking buy to listening is reduced massively.

Another factor to consider is streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. These services can be much more seamless with a better connection. With fibre broadband, you can start listening to your playlists quicker and you won’t have to put up with any annoying pauses due to buffering.

Not only can you connect your smartphone and tablet to your broadband, Smart TVs are also becoming a popular feature in the home.

With fibre-optic broadband, you’ll be able to watch on-demand content without waiting a long time for the media to load. This is suitable for those who have busy social lives and need to keep up with their favourite series after it’s been aired.

When you have family in different countries, cities or towns, fibre-optic broadband can ensure you stay in contact through video chat without struggling through a dodgy connection.

Catch up across the web and chat away as if you’re in the same room, and with an unlimited package, you don’t need to worry about usage.

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