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A look at things to come

I thought it might be useful for all my readers to see what additional equipment comes with the Gigaloch service.

(The below information comes from a customer's property in Mollington.)

By additional equipment I mean the router and the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) which will reside inside your property.

In this install the property owner has opted, for the time being at least to have all the equipment together. You are however able to move the router wherever you wish as long as you run a network cable from the ONT to the router.

Here is a closer look at the ONT, as you can see there are three LED status lights.

A battery backup is available and installed for free to those who are considered vulnerable. For customers who wish to do away with their traditional copper land line are not considered vulnerable and would feel the benefit of a working internet & VOIP service in the event of a power outage a battery backup can be supplied for a fee of approx. £35.

Here you can see the rear of the router provided. I have blanked out some sensitive information such as device password and MAC address for security reasons.

Note the green ports on the left, these are where you can plug your current landline phone into. This means you are not required to purchase a new VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone and Poe (Power over ethernet) switch if you choose to take on a VOIP service with Gigaloch.

Here we have a speed test result from the property after installation and setup was completed. I'm sure you can agree this is extremely impressive.

I have blanked out their I.P address just in case it's a static one.

I hope you have found this newest article of interest. We all now wait with anticipation for the first properties to go live and we too can enjoy the fruits that come with such a fast connection.

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