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Community Meeting Update

Updated: May 2, 2023

Hello everyone. I appreciate many of you were unable to attend the community meeting last week.

I have to thank all of those that did attend, I felt it was a very positive meeting with many discussions had.

Below you will find the details from the meeting, I have also added the slides which were used. I hope you find these helpful.

If you have any further questions, please contact me and I will do my best to answer them.

Community Meeting
Download PDF • 326KB


Q: Has anyone contacted the local MP?

A: Yes on numerous occasions with no response (Attendee to contact their MP for the Kelsall area)

Q: Is there any scope for Gigaloch to continue the work they have already partially completed?

A: Currently no, but contact will be made with the CEO of Gigaloch to discuss this

Q: Is Manley and Mouldsworth effected?

A: Originally Yes however, information passed to me on the day of the meeting stated that the vouchers for both these areas has been reinstated by the Government.

Q: Have you spoken to Kloud9?

A: In the first few days of the news yes, but since then it has been silent. I can only assume that they jumped the gun and have now realised they will also need the vouchers to come to Ashton Hayes.

Q: When will the rest of Manley and Mouldsworth be completed?

A: Timescales have not been given as these can vary massively, Gigaloch have had their fingers burnt in the past by stating times and these not being completed on time.

More detailed information on when will be provided in the coming days/weeks.

Q: Are Gigaloch prepared to discuss community members paying for a connection when the voucher is not available?

A: Unsure at this time, there are many people who are unable to afford the costs of paying to offset the voucher given the current cost of living rises. I will reach out to Gigaloch to discuss further options.

Q: Will the Gigaloch CEO attend another meeting locally to have a face to face discussion and try and find a solution?

A: Again, unsure. I will contact him and request his attendance. I do believe this will be very helpful.

Q: Would Gigaloch be prepared to accept that the community will waive their free first year, this might help bring money into the business sooner and offset costs quicker?

A: I'll speak to the CEO and request an answer.

Q: Which properties in Ashton are not affected?

A: See list below.

Q: Can we get the local MP to come to the meeting on the same night as the CEO?

A: I suggest we all contact Edward Timpson individually and perhaps, with people en mass he might be willing to meet with us.

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