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Another date, another disappointment?

Hello all.

I have received word that there has been another date agreed for the pole installation at Manley Village Hall.

After some increasing pressure from Gigaloch and the back haul provider a new date has been set.

The reason for the failed last attempt was due to the vehicle used to carry and lift the pole was unable to get behind the village hall. For those of you who have been to the rear of the hall you will agree it is a little snug for cars let alone a HGV. That said, did anyone from Openreach consider a work scope before hand!? I know I have to do such things in my working life before I do anything else.

Work is planned between the 4th and 6th April. I will of course be there after work each day to see what has happened and report back accordingly.

We can all only hope this is the last time I have to update you on this issue and we can move forward onto the final stage.

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