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Weekly Gigaloch meetings continue

My weekly Microsoft Teams meetings with Gigaloch continue. This evening I met with Paul to discuss the previous week and the week ahead.

Paul showed me the design map and where landowners have agreed to utilising their land for the spine. Whilst I can't share this map, I have to say it's just phenomenal to see the colours changing each week as people come on board.

Much work is to be done and you will see this happening in the coming weeks.

Many meetings with residents to be had this week which is keeping Paul and the team busy.

Mr. Plough will be back in the area too. Don't forget to wave or have a socially distanced chat with the team if you are out and about.

Things are moving at such a pace, both myself and Gigaloch are excited to see this project get off the ground so quickly.

Alvanley have showed a large interest along with Dunham-on-the-hill. Gigaloch are currently scoping these areas out.

The fibre has been ordered for the Mollington build, Stamford Bridge is not far behind that and there is also us.

There will be a leaflet drop to each property in our communities in the coming days (Thanks to Royal Mail for taking care of this) hopefully this will increase interest in our villages and bring more people on board in the first wave.

Keep an eye out for that.

Stay safe everyone!

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